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Guest Post: Just Getting to Paris


I am in Paris visiting Nathan until October 5th, so I thought it would be fun to guest post on my happenings in this wonderful city as well. For any of you that may be wondering, I am Nathan's sister, Chanelle.

I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe twice during high school, but have always wanted to return. When I heard Nathan was going to be studying abroad in Paris, I was the first to let him know that I would be coming to visit. I bothered him on a weekly basis to give me some information so I could book my flight.

Well the day finally arrived that I would be leaving and I found myself to be more anxious about everything that had to be done before I left than I was excited. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely excited about visiting, but there is a lot to do when traveling there! I had to lug my suitcase as well as a 35lb duffel bag filled with all sorts of goodies for Nathan. A few hard to find necessities as well as a package from a friend, things from our parents, adding up to just about everything under the sun, and a batch of our grandma's homemade cookies ((personally carried with care)).

Once I got to the airport and got rid of my bags, the excitement began. Only a long plane ride until I could enjoy Paris for the next 10 days! While waiting at the airport I ran in to my Uncle who was heading down to Myrtle Beach for work - so nice of him to see me off. Also, the plane I was taking to Philly was adorned with the Carolina Panthers. I would have thought this to be me more appropriate if I was flying to Charlotte for the next week...

My flight to Philly was a little rocky, but overall no huge freakouts for me, I arrived safely. The 7 hour plane ride to Paris would have been better if I could have slept for most of it! I figured I would have absolutely no problem falling asleep since I went to bed late the night before and woke up at 5am to finish packing before going to work for a few hours. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I probably slept a combined hour, which left me extremely tired upon my arrival. I occupied most of my time listening to music, playing Soduko, and reading up on some of the best things to do in Paris per my new handy travel book. :)

Since Nathan had class all day yesterday, he left me a very detailed email on how to get my self from the airport to his apartment. I felt pretty confident about doing it all on my own, hoping his directions were flawless. Well, it really couldn't have gone any better. Once I walked out of baggage claim at the airport, I saw the bus I was going to be taking to the Arc de Triomphe. I hopped on for a nice hour long ride through traffic and triple checking Nathan's notes so I didn't miss my stop. Really though, you can't miss the Arc de Triomphe if you tried. There are 12 streets that intersect here so it was just a matter of finding his. Luckily, at one point the only street sign that I noticed was the one I needed, so I knew exactly which direction I was headed after getting off.

Now walking to his place, I probably looked like a fool lugging all of this baggage down the street. It was a good 15 minute walk, but wasn't that bad seeing as it was downhill. I found his place shoved everything in the tiny elevator and made my way up to #22 - and arrived at his humble abode.

I know this is against every rule when traveling here, but I HAD to nap. My body was so off schedule that I just needed a short 3 hour snooze, so I did just that until Nathan returned from class. So with unfortunately wasting an entire day getting myself adjusted, we then ventured out for the evening.

We headed out for a bite to eat, although we were the only ones eating at 6pm. Silly Americans. Post dinner, we were very touristy and went to the Eiffel Tower to see it light up and watch is sparkle on the hour. I can't believe I am back in Paris, it almost doesn't seem real. We are planning on going back sometime this week during the daylight to see it and take a trip to the top.

Being extremely exhausted from the traveling and him having an entire day of class, we turned in early on a Friday night. Early, being 11pm. Now, I feel completely well rested and am ready for an adventurous day in Paris!

Until next time, Au Revoir!

PS - Grandma, the cookies are delish! :)

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