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On the move 29.11.2009
Elbows ON the table, Mabel 20.11.2009
Mon Maison 17.11.2009
That Squiggly Line 16.11.2009
Thank You For Lying 10.11.2009
Somebody is Getting Inked! 09.11.2009
Win A Green Card 07.11.2009
Do You Like See Food? 03.11.2009
In My Back Pocket 24.10.2009
Nothing Like The United States 22.10.2009
Smells Like Lemon 21.10.2009
With The Weather On Top Of Me 19.10.2009
I hope that was lost in translation... 16.10.2009
Welcome To My Fake Life 12.10.2009
The Eiffel Tower Out My Window 07.10.2009
If you chase two rabbits... 06.10.2009
Drinking in Class? 05.10.2009
Yes, I am still alive 03.10.2009
Guest Post: Just Getting to Paris 26.09.2009
The English Language, how I have missed you so. 23.09.2009
I don't know if Big Ben is ready for this 19.09.2009
Sharing footsteps with soilders 16.09.2009
You want us to sit where for six hours? 14.09.2009
Did we dance in a cave last night? 10.09.2009
C'est la vie! 08.09.2009
If I could do it again, you know I'd do it the same 06.09.2009
Bienvenue vers Paris! 05.09.2009
Thoughts after the 1st day 04.09.2009
Finally Arrived in Paris! 02.09.2009
Johan should eat more vegetables 01.09.2009
"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" 31.08.2009
RIP: Summer of 2009 30.08.2009